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Scholarship Deadlines!!!!
Juniors and Seniors please be sure to go to the Scholarships and the Counseling Corner pages for Scholarship information. Deadlines are quickly approaching. Please fill out your applications ASAP!

RBHS Important Dates

12/19     Friday              One Hour Early Release 1:50pm
12/22-1/2                       Winter Break
1/8         Thursday         FASFA Night 3:30 - 8pm RBHS Library Parents attend with students
1/17       Saturday          Saturday School 9 - noon
1/22       Thursday         FASFA Night 3pm-7pm RBHS Library Parents attend with students
1/28       Wednesday      FASFA Night 3pm-5:30pm RBHS Library Parents attend with students 

 Many Scholarship Deadlines are approaching visit the Counselor's Corner Blog or visit the counseling office for a copy of a list of available Scholarships. 

December 8, 2014 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

Athletic Activities For the Week of 12/15-12/19

Mon. Dec. 15th

Tues. Dec. 16th

            Var. Boy Basketball v. Chief Sealth 7:30

            JV Boys Basketball v. Chief Sealth   5:45

 Wed. Dec. 17th

Var. Girls Basketball v. Chief Sealth 7:30

           JV Girls Basketball v. Chief Sealth 5:45

 Thur. Dec. 18th

            Var. Wrestling @ Ballard v. Ballard, Lakeside 6:00

 Fri. Dec. 19th

            Var. Boys Basketball v. Lakeside 8:00

            Var. Girls Basketball v. lakeside 6:30

            JV. Boys Basketball v. Lakeside 5:00

            JV Girls Basketball v. Lakeside 3:30

 Sat. Dec. 20th

Var. Wrestling West Seattle Invite Wrestling Start @ 9:00

C Team Basketball v. Lakeside 12:00

December 16, 2014 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

My Life Matters at Rainier Beach

Last week RBHS students and staff were invited to participate in a week of introspection and justice-driven action through a student-designed campaign titled, MY LIFE MATTERS. Students and staff joined in Positivity Circles, Community Court, Discussion Circles, Chalk Out, Story Booth, and a lunch-time Justice Jam.

KPLU reported on Friday's Justice Jam. The full story is linked here.  Below are excerpts from the KPLU story.

Listen: Seattle High Schoolers Vent About Racial Issues At Open-Mic Session


Hawi Ali wonders what went on behind closed doors as a grand jury deliberated the case of a Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager last summer.

Then again, Ali suspects she doesn't have to wonder at all.

"Since it's such a repetitive pattern, I don't think it's about the discussions they have," said Ali, a junior at Seattle's Rainier Beach High School. "I really think it's blatant racism."

Ali was one of a parade of students who spoke during an open-mic session in the school's cafeteria last Friday afternoon. As their peers filed through the lunch line, others grabbed the microphone, encouraged by student organizers to share poems and speeches inspired by recent protests against police tactics in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Ferguson has been a hot topic of conversation at Rainier Beach, and not only because the school is home to more students of color than any other Seattle high school. Earlier this school year, staff set aside time for school-wide discussions of last summer's protests.

Rainier Beach students hold monthly open-mic sessions at lunch, but students and staff organized Friday's "My Life Matters" session with recent events in New York and Missouri in mind.

More than half of the school's students are black. Nearly one-third are Asians or Pacific Islanders. Latinos comprise roughly 12 percent of the student population. Only 2 percent of Rainier Beach students are white.

December 8, 2014 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

Filling Out the FAFSA Help

Join us January 8th, 22nd, 28th 2014 in the RBHS Library to receive support with filing the FAFSA. College Goal Washington is all about helping you file your FAFSA and better understand the steps you need to take to get cash for college. Put your hands on some cash by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These events give you and your family free, on-site professional help with the FAFSA and other financial aid applications so you can get money for college. The FAFSA is the single-most important application for financial aid. It is required for most scholarships, grants, and loans. These events last from 1.5 to 5 hours. You may complete your FAFSA in as little as 30 minutes, but we allow enough time for you to get the assistance you need. All events are staffed by volunteers and experts to help you and your family fill out the FAFSA and apply for other forms of financial aid.


Things You’ll Need to Fill Out the FAFSA:

·     Your Social Security Card/Number or Alien Registration Card
You will not be able to start the FAFSA process without one of these

·     Your Driver’s License or Identification Card

·     Your Income Information Bank statements, a W-2 or Pay Stub, or Past Tax Return

·     Your Parent, if You Are Under 24 - All students over 24 are considered independent from their parents. The FAFSA will help you determine if you are considered dependent or independent if you are younger than 24. Only dependents need to file parent information.

·     Your Parent’s Financial Information - Bank statements, a W-2 or Pay Stub, or Past Tax Return

·     Your Parent’s Social Security Number, if they have one

·      Additional Financial Information - Examples include child support statements, TANF or welfare information, real estate, stock or bonds investments, family business or farm info.

Things to Know

·      You can use last year’s tax return to estimate your current tax information and submit the FAFSA. If you do this, you will update and make corrections after you file your taxes.

·      You must be a US citizen or legal resident to submit a FAFSA. However, your parents do not need to be citizens or legal residents

December 8, 2014 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

PTSA Arm Sox Fundraiser!
PTSA Arm Sox fundraiser.  
What: PTSA Orange and Blue Arm Sox (can be worn as leg warmers) fundraiser
Cost: $10 a pair
Purpose: To assist students with their pay to play fees and/or their ASB cards.  

Please contact rainierbeachptsa@gmail.com if you want to purchase a pair.

November 15, 2014 |

13th Year Promise Scholarship

            College application season is upon us.
 South Seattle College offers all graduating Cleveland, Rainier Beach, and Chief Sealth seniors a tuition-free first year of college. Whether students are seeking a Transfer Degree (Associates Degree) or Professional and Technical Degree, they are guaranteed a full-time status, tuition-free year. Our goal for this program is to contribute in the efforts to ensuring that 100% of our partner high school seniors seek and attain a post high school education.

Our services offer students free COMPASS testing (transferable to all Seattle Colleges, Bellevue College, Shoreline College, Highline College, and any college that uses the COMPASS as a placement test), financial aid completion, COMPASS training and retesting, registration help and an intensive summer bridge program. Students who participate in all activities and complete the 13th Year Promise Scholarship Program are guaranteed free tuition for their first academic year at South.

If you have any questions or need any more information about South Seattle Community College or the 13th Year Promise Scholarship Program, please feel free to contact Chanell Sagon.  Office hours at Rainier Beach High School will be Tuesdays in the Resource Center from 8:30am-3pm. 

October 21, 2014 | Contact:            (206) 934-5205 


Many scholarship deadlines are approaching. Be sure to apply ASAP! Visit Counselor's Corner or pick up a copy in the counseling office during lunch.
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